50 Portraits In Fifty Days. The First Day Continued.

From just one person saying yes to having their portrait taken, I was a lot more confident in asking the next person who walked passed, I also improved my approach which also made me feel more confident in walking up to complete strangers and introducing my self and what I was trying to do. As my confidence grew, this must have come across because in the next hour I photographed 14 people. Of all the people I asked after Mr. Trust, my first person to say yes, I think I only had three people said no thank you.

So, the next people to say OK were a family of three, as I had stated that I would take just one image so that I was not taking up peoples time, I was not sure if 3 people would work, but I just thought lets see.
The Family FB

Another thing I soon learned in approaching people and trying to talk to them was the amount of people wearing headphones who could not hear me, although people did then stop and remove them. Mr. bright was the first person I approached who stopped removed his headphones and said yes.

Mr Bright FB

Something that was also interesting was that people said they wondered what we were doing, which I think made them inquisitive. This Father and daughter actually watched us take a picture of Mr. Bright and then walked towards us looking very inquisitive, Before I had even finished asking the father, the little girl had jumped into position ready to have her photograph taken.

Father & Daughter FB

We then had a gap where no one walked past for a while as the weather turned colder and the ambient light really started to fade. A few women walked passed during this time, but I felt less comfortable asking women on their own if I could take their photograph even though I was with Fran. At the time I was thinking of the reasons why I felt like this and then a guy started walking towards me with a bottle of alcohol in his hand, I then started thinking perhaps I should not ask him? I decided not to ask him and waited for the next person who just happened to be really tall, Mr. Hood, with hindsight I should have brought the fold up steps to get a little higher, but another lesson learned.

Mr Hood FB

To be continued later on today.


Author: Fletcher K2Photographic

Fletcher is a Freelance photographer with images featured in Yachts and Yachting, Yorkshire Life Magazine and Equine Health Thoroughbred Owner and Breader. Commissioned work has included the Land Rover Burghley International Horse Trials; Bramham International Horse Trials; Hickstead Derby; The Motocross Nationals; Roger Albert Clark Rally; and the Pirelli Rally. Photography is his passion which is demonstrated through his work.

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