5 Makeup Tips for Great Looking Photos

There are lots of things that can make you look great in photos, such as angles, lighting, the setting, your clothes, and the photographer’s skill. But you can also help show yourself off to best advantage by getting the makeup right for photos and it might just be the opposite of what you expect as it’s not all about caking it on!

1. Avoid using too much makeup. When makeup is overdone, not only is this evident in real life but it also shows up in photographs. The only exception is for stage makeup but given you’d also have a fancy costume, then it would be clear to the viewer that it was for a performance.

2. Conceal blemishes using light foundation. Only place this foundation where you think it is needed, such as over pimples or on the sides of your nose, etc. Avoid caking your whole face in it.

3. Aim to have a matte face. A shiny face will reflect poorly in the camera and you won’t look your best. To avoid too shiny a face, use matte-formula makeup to cover blemishes. For your eye area, use a creamy concealer with reflective qualities. Avoid any foundation or other makeup containing titanium dioxide if flash photography is likely (it is a commonly used sunscreen in makeup). The shielding effect of the titanium dioxide on your face will make your face appear washed out and mask-like.

4. Highlight your best features. Place blush on the apple part of your cheeks and some glossy lipstick to highlight lips. If you want longer lashes, consider adding false ones. Avoid too much contouring; this can result in a washed-out look. Be sure to balance the look though – either eyes or lips should be the focus, not both. Blush should be contoured to ensure skeletal detail is brought out in the photo.

5. Lengthen your lashes. Lashes tend to look a little bare and sparse on the camera. Give yourself an advantage by using the mascara wand to apply mascara. Comb out your lashes with the mascara wand with a wiggling motion. Open your mouth and apply the mascara in a windshield wiping motion for length. Make sure your lashes aren’t clumped and spidery, the camera picks up every detail.


Author: Fletcher K2Photographic

Fletcher is a Freelance photographer with images featured in Yachts and Yachting, Yorkshire Life Magazine and Equine Health Thoroughbred Owner and Breader. Commissioned work has included the Land Rover Burghley International Horse Trials; Bramham International Horse Trials; Hickstead Derby; The Motocross Nationals; Roger Albert Clark Rally; and the Pirelli Rally. Photography is his passion which is demonstrated through his work.

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