Which Lenses For Eventing? Think Outside The Box

What lenses should I use for photographing events such as Bramham International Horse Trials? In an ideal world if we all had the funds we could shot full frame lenses at a minimum aperture of f/2.8 with focal lengths ranging from 200mm to 400mm.

However, if you don’t have £2000 upwards to spend on a lens you will have to make do with what you have got.

One of the advantages of APS-C cameras when it comes to longer focal length lenses is that they are often cheaper and you get more reach.  On a full frame camera, a 200mm lens is 200mm, take the same lens and put it on a APS-C camera and you will gain an extra 100mm taking it from 200mm to 300mm.  One very important thing to note though is that you can’t take a lens designed specifically for APS-C and use it on a full frame camera.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both full frame and APS-C depending on your specific photographic needs and only you can decide what these might be as your photographic knowledge and experience develops.

OK, back to lenses for events. A 70mm to 200mm lens is the absolute minimum if you want to capture show jumping or X country eventing and don’t have a press pass. However, one of the advantages of x country courses is that at some places you will be able to get a lot closer to the action, so a 70mm lens might be OK. If you don’t have a 70mm to 200mm lens, walk around the x country course and find a jump where you can get as close as possible.  Everyone aims to take images of horses jumping, but there are a lot of other photographic opportunities if you think outside the box, so don’t let your lack of kit in terms of lenses prevent you from being creative.

I currently use the following focal length lenses

70mm to 200mm f/2.8

300mm f/2.8 Prime

I would like a 200mm to 400mm f/4

Take a look at the 3 images attached to this post, one of them was taken at 70mm can you ID which one?

ImageImage  Image


Author: Fletcher K2Photographic

Fletcher is a Freelance photographer with images featured in Yachts and Yachting, Yorkshire Life Magazine and Equine Health Thoroughbred Owner and Breader. Commissioned work has included the Land Rover Burghley International Horse Trials; Bramham International Horse Trials; Hickstead Derby; The Motocross Nationals; Roger Albert Clark Rally; and the Pirelli Rally. Photography is his passion which is demonstrated through his work.

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